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"My recruiter was an excellent source of valuable information who was able to share her wealth of knowledge pertaining to IT industry. I had a great time talking to her and I look forward to see other wonderful recruiters in the near future. Our lives couldn't be so much easier without the support you'll provide to us. Keep up the awesome work!"

"That was the first ever insightful engagement I’ve had. It’s a great format and it creates a sense of personalisation. Excellent initiative!!!"

"The advice and insight was impressive. I also liked friendly, approachable style."

"I found it inspiring to talk to someone else about issues that I am faced with and how to communicate with employers on a better level. Great initiative!"

"​I already had a positive impression of the recruitment industry, and Meet A Recruiter has reinforced that view."

"This is an excellent initiative for both job seekers and all working professionals. Thank you!"

"My consultant was fantastic and very knowledgeable. She gave me great advice to create a 1-page summary and make some edits to my resume. She also proactively offered that I email my updated resume and LinkedIn to her further review."

"The recruiter offered to run a mock interview provide me some tips. Overall I really appreciated this session, it was very helpful and exceeded my expectations! Thank you."

"My recruiter was absolutely amazing. Please thank him again for me. Changed my life."

"This is really an amazing event and the recruiter that attended to me was very friendly and helpful."

"My recruiter was wonderful. I am very happy with his demeanour and guidance. He was extremely helpful and this has been a valuable experience for me. Thank you so much to Ethan. You are gold!"

"Thanks for coming up with such a generous idea of having a free chat to a real recruiter.  Face to face experience is refreshing after online job applications.  Thanks to the recruiters for staying up late after work to accommodate the event."

"This was a great initiative and I am very pleased I attended. Congratulations."